• Image of Wee Walter ~ Easter Party Bunny ~ Hanging Art Ornament

Walter, an antique inspired spun cotton Easter bunny is a wee 3" tall, yet loaded with personality. He loves making everyone around him happy and everything about him reflects that. He's decked out in a cheerful party outfit including his playful party cap with pom pom and a giant bow tie. He comes to the party bearing gifts of a vintage velvet flower and a basket of golden eggs. His eyes are glass, and as an added bonus, his head even turns and tilts for extra posing options. He has a wire loop hidden in the top of his cap. Just slip an ornament hook into it and he will happily hang anywhere you please.

Gift your loved one or yourself with this lively and merry-making Easter bunny. Wee Walter is such a unique addition for an Easter celebration and spreads happiness wherever he goes. He is a one of a kind fellow and you will not find another like him anywhere.

Spun Cotton Ornament Co. specializes in one of a kind, antique-inspired holiday art ornaments and figures. These creations are recognized for their fine detail, high quality and unsurpassed construction techniques. Each piece is a true work of art designed and to last for generations.

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